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The work of Evrim Calkavur and her colleagues is one of the best examples in the world of the evolution of practical tools for building learning organizations.

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Alan: Derin Bir Nefes(Space: A Breath)
Authors : Evrim Calkavur Durmus, M. Yavuz Durmuþ

Number of Pages : 136
ISBN: 978-975-14-1692-6
Feature : 13,4x19.8cm.
I appreciate the wonderful diversity of application settings presented in this book. There are stories of business, of schools, of large organizations and smaller organizations leadership. While the roots of organizational learning are within the business world, my own projects over the past years have come increasingly within the civil society, governmental organizations, public education and business - and among partnerships across all these sectors. I think we can now say with no doubt that these basic tools and ideas are equally helpful in any type of organization.

The cases in this book also illustrate the diverse types of leadership that make this work real. There are stories of leadership from “the top” (a Chairman of the Board and a General Manager), of leadership from the “front line” (a high School Principal) and of leadership from within “Learning Organization Practice Teams.” This too is an important lesson: the leadership in initiating and sustaining real systemic change can come from many places. All too often people sit and wait, feeling, “We can’t do anything unless the boss leads.” But, bosses leading in isolation never produce deep and sustained changes. People salute the new “change program” but the intended changes never penetrate the day-to-day reality of work. For this, you need leadership at the front lines. You need leadership from internal “network leaders” who connect otherwise disconnected leaders in different parts of the organization. And, sooner or later, you need leadership from the top to shape an overall environment suited to ongoing learning. In short, you need leadership from people in diverse positions of formal responsibility but with genuine commitment to what they can do, and to collaborating with others. The cases here provide beautiful illustrations of the healthy “leadership ecologies” that, in my experience, define genuine learning organizations.
Peter M. Senge
September, 2015
Öðrenen Organizasyon Yolculuðu(Journey of the Learning Organization – A Success Story)
Author : Evrim Çalkavur

Number of Pages : 168
ISBN : 978-975-14-1138-9
Feature: 13,5x19.5cm
Managers of enthusiastic, productive and effective individuals are those who offer them learning opportunities instead of teaching.
“Learning Organization” practices will open up new horizons for many workplaces with bored and tired employees.
I heartily suggest this book to leaders in education and business who want to manage their institutions with a scientific approach and to gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Dogan Cuceloglu
Hayatý Yorgun Yaþamayanlar (Those Who are not tired of living)
Authors : Evrim Çalkavur, M. Yavuz Durmuþ

Number of Pages: 152
ISBN : 978-975-14-1298-0
Feature : 134x198mm.
Seven Flowers of the Garden of Life…“If you become the sun, flowers will reach out for you. If you become water, trees will stretch out their roots to you. If you become fertile earth, nature will sprout and come into flower in your heart…”
The authors tell us that those who can adopt this principle as their philosophy of life will stand strong against life and will not be exhausted by whatever it may bring…
You will discover clues on how to seize the present and the future in the same enthusiastic way…
Rekabet Etmeden Yaþamak(Living Without Competition)
Authors : Evrim Calkavur Durmus, M. Yavuz Durmuþ

Number of Pages : 136
ISBN : 978-975-14-1358-1
Feature : 13,5x19.5cm.
All through our lives, the idea of competition is imposed upon us: compete with everyone and everything; continually strive to achieve the best… However, if we manage to look through our insights, we can see that life is a whole, filled with abundance and richness waiting to be shared. As parts of this whole, we can discover numerous ways to take delight in contributing to it.
In a harsh and competitive world, as it is today, Çalkavur and Durmuþ are offering us refreshing, colorful and creative stories of insight.