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The work of Evrim Calkavur and her colleagues is one of the best examples in the world of the evolution of practical tools for building learning organizations.

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Evrim Calkavur Durmus

Evrim Calkavur Durmus is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) in Turkey.
Evrim Calkavur Durmus has been working as a consultant since 1995. She provides service in the field of learning organizations.

Mrs. Calkavur Durmus led the application of the “Team Learning Laboratory” package, developed by Nick Zeniuk, Fred Simon in Turkey. Based on her experiences on Learning Organization practices and with the contributions of M. Yavuz Durmus, she developed the “Learning Organization Practice Teams” program.

Mrs. Calkavur Durmus participated in the Team Learning Laboratory seminars in Egypt with Nick Zeniuk as part of the program beginning with a conference by Peter Senge (May – June 2001). Mrs. Calkavur Durmus led the Team Learning Laboratory/ Inner Capacity Improvement program in Egypt, planned in collaboration with MDI and the Learning Circle (Autumn 2001 – Summer 2002). During this period, she worked with 6 Egyptian firms and 3 Egyptian consultants.

She was one of the facilitators together with Peter Senge in the “Executives Champion Workshop” in April, 2002.

Mrs. Calkavur Durmus was one of the presenters in several international conferences such as the “1st International Learning Organization Symposium,” in China in 2002, which included presenters such as Peter Senge, Nick Zeniuk, Gorn Carsteadt, Dennis Sandow, Greg Martin; and, “Building a Learning Organization Conference” in Malaysia in 2004, with Peter Senge.

She participated in Humberto Maturana and Ximena Davilla’s “Biology of Human Matrix and Biology of Love” program in Chile (November 2002). In January, 2003, she conducted Social Action Researches with Larry Rhodes in Beksa and Tavaþ.

Ms. Calkavur Durmus conducted a study trip to India to examine Krishnamurti Schools by observing the Krishnamurti approach to learning during a visit to Madras and the Rishi Valley Schools in 2007.

In June, 2008, she participated in a program in Italy, sponsored by Taher Gozel, in commemoration of David Bohm, renowned quantum physicist.

In May, 2009, she participated the “Crises: Threats and Opportunities” conference in Croatia where Peter Senge was the speaker.

Her book named “Journey of the Learning Organization – A Tale of Success” was published by Remzi Publishing in 2006.

The book named “Seven Flowers of the Garden of Life”, and the book named “Living Without Competing” co-written by Evrim Çalkavur Durmuþ and M. Yavuz Durmuþ, were also published by Remzi Publishing in 2008 and in 2009.

Mrs. Calkavur Durmus is currently engaged in applications of “Learning Organization Practice Teams” in various corporations and institutions in Turkey, together with Mr. M. Yavuz Durmus.

Born in 1969, Calkavur Durmus has received a B.S. in Business Administration from Bosphorus University.