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The work of Evrim Calkavur and her colleagues is one of the best examples in the world of the evolution of practical tools for building learning organizations.

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Learning Organization Practice Teams –Phases
Learning Organization Practice Teams –Phases

Learning Organization Practice Teams –Phases
PHASE 1: 6 months
.Assessment meeting by top managers of the company (sponsors) and consultant coaches: determining pilot project topics and team members)
.Forming pilot teams of 6-8 members and conducting learning organization practice teams seminars
.Follow-up meetings (Learning through practice and application)
.Organizational transformation seminars

PHASE 2: 12 months
.Obtaining license
.Mevcut Takımlardan Gönüllü Koç Adaylarının Belirlenmesi
.Nominating volunteer coaches within existing teams
.Training nominees on how to run the learning organization practice teams program
.Starting new teams with internal coaches and with the support of consultant coaches

PHASE 3: 12 months
Ensuring continuity:
.Consultant coaches supporting internal coaches, sponsors and teams.
.Review of systems and processes to enable continuity (e.g. performance and career systems)
The “learning organization practice teams” project displays a reinforcing growth rather than linear.
.Depending on the choice of topic or scope, many projects will pay for the time and money invested in them within the first six months. The first six months are displayed in the initial part of the reinforcing growth graphics.

.In the following years development in both corporate culture and work results become more and more out-standing.